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HR Project

HR Project

Training Program

Select one of the companies that Forbes considers a small giant. Forbes Small Giants: 25
Companies That Believe Smaller Is Better Gain an understanding of the company in order to
complete this assignment. Please disregard the company’s location and consider that it is in the
Chicago metro area.

The task is to make specific recommendations regarding developing a training program to teach
the human resource manager or hiring manager how to be more effective in interviewing job

1. Conduct a needs assessment and develop learning objectives. What are the indicators
that this training is needed? Develop three learning objectives relating to these learning
2. Consideration of learning styles. Assume this training will be provided to more than one
individual and that these individuals have a variety of learning styles.
3. Delivery mode. Most training programs have multiple delivery modes, including
classroom training, web-based training, and job shadowing.
4. Budget. Develop a budget including the cost to develop the materials and trainer time
to deliver the program. Estimate the cost if an external trainer is used.
5. Delivery style. Will the training be classroom-based, instructor-led or self-paced? What
kinds of discussions and activities will there be in conjunction with this training?
6. Audience. Who will be part of this training? Given the small size of these companies,
you will have individuals from varying backgrounds, including accounting, operations
and marketing. How will the training be made relevant to their particular jobs?
7. Content. What will be the content of the program? How long will it take to deliver?
8. Timelines. How long will it take to develop the program?
9. Communication. How will you communicate to employees that the training is available
and relevant to them?
10. Measuring the effectiveness of training. How will you know if this training program was
effective.? How will you measure this relative to your learning objectives?

Make sure to mention source for company information, get all the citation attached. 

For reference use Fundamentals of Human Resource Management(fifth edition). Feel free to mention book and quote. Whole project should be 2000 words minimum.