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Social Problems 9

Social Problems 9


For this discussion question, you may choose one of the following two prompts.

Prompt 1: You recently read an article explaining how, in American society, questions of fact are increasingly becoming questions of politics. The article on climate change showed how politics and information intersect in increasingly confusing ways. What is another example of this of which you are aware, or which you have experienced? What do you think the future looks like for a society that can’t agree on matters of fact?

Prompt 2: In this lesson, you will think about violence as a social problem. But what about violence as the solution to a social problem? Consider, for example, that the very successful gay rights movement started with multiple nights of street battles between police and clubgoers in New York City in 1969. How do you think social problems should be solved? Do you think violence is ever acceptable, or are non-violent means the only legitimate ones? Why?

Your answer must be written in the form of at least two (2) full paragraphs,