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Evaluating Developmental Milestones

Evaluating Developmental Milestones

For this assignment, imagine you are the teacher in a four-year-old preschool classroom, and you have a student whose behaviors concern you: 

Jordan is four years and six months old and he is capable of reading at an emergent reader level. You noticed that he does not like the block center and refuses to go to the paint center. During group work, he does not work well with the other students, sometimes yelling at them and refusing to share.

You are preparing for a meeting with the family of Jordan. Develop an action plan for the family in which you will discuss your observations and strategies that would help the student’s development. The action plan will explain the following:

  • Identification of the specific academic or behavioral concern for Jordan.
  • Explanation if you think the academic or behavior concern is a delay in a milestone or a learning style preference, and justify your thought process. (Note: Teachers cannot diagnosis a disability.)
  • Description of two instructional strategies to support the child in the classroom.
  • Explanation of how you could collaborate with other professionals, including specialized experts, to support the student’s learning outcomes.
  • Description of two activities families can engage in with their child at home that would support the child’s development.
  • Description of how and when you will be communicating the student’s progress with the family.

Support your action plan with 2-3 SCHOLARLY REFERENCES