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Week 1

Week 1

Q.1 Course name:  MBA Capstone — Simulation Edition 

 what are your expectations for this course? Highlight one or two areas you expect to learn from this course. You must make your first post by Wednesday, and respond to one of your classmates. Posts must be on two separate days. 

Q.2 Write a Reply 

 First and foremost, I anticipate that this course will have real-world applications. I am aware that CAPSIMS simulations are used to teach students how to make better decisions about what to give up and what to do when it comes to solving problems. For instance, when it comes to making a profit, what is the best course of action to take is to give something up. In order to prevent overlooking even a minor piece of information, it’s necessary to comprehend the mechanics of the complete process as well as the value of teamwork inside your firm. In order to succeed, I anticipate teamwork, commitment, and ongoing communication. This is howthe  business operates in the real world.